Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween in Chapel Hill

Halloween is a holiday that is loved by many youngsters in the US. As the years go by, going house to house loses its appeal, but one thing that seems to stick are the costumes. Everyone loves to dress up as their favorite super hero or movie character. In one place though, Halloween is done a little differently.

In Chapel Hill, North Carolina Halloween is treated with a certain reverence. Everyone all week cannot wait for the explosion that is Halloween. From the students at the university to visitors from around the state, everyone flocks to Franklin Street, the cultural hangout of the area. More than 30,000 visitors come to the strip to take part in the massive pile up of costumes and commotion. With this the police size doubles as well.The street becomes so crowded that walking becomes extremely difficult. But that is the fun of it.Frat Houses are ablaze with lights and thumping music dissonantly. College kids are ramble and saunter from place to place up and down the street screaming in excitement.  People are there for this once in a life time experience of party, food, costumes, and controlled chaos on a scale like they have not seen for Halloween.

 And if you are lucky enough to survive the night, you will have one hell of a story to tell.

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